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Rebranding a Media House


We had the pleasure to team up with incredible Unfold Studio for the rebranding of MDR — Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. 


The MDR is the east german branch of the ARD. A public broadcaster with over 100 brands, over 70 social media channels and historically divided into TV, Radio and online divisions. Our task was to transfer the newly developed transformative strategy into one coherent design system to unify TV, digital and social media.


»From TV broadcaster to a House of content across all channels «


Unfold x ONNNE partnered closely with various MDR in-house teams. ONNNE® developed a Workshop series across all MDR departments to ensure the rebranding is fully integrated into the new Business strategy. The outcome build the base for the rebranded design with focus on digital fitness. Along the collaborative journey Unfold established a coherent digital first design process to unify the realms of TV, digital and social media. The result is a frictionless brand experience worthy of a modern and confident public broadcaster.

Watch out!






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