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Startup Brand Identity


Once insured, she usually stays as she is. Important life events such as the birth of children, wedding or relocation affect, for example, in a life insurance on the premium.

Till today. Vlot is an Insurtech startup that adapts insurances to the customer's life cycle through a digital ecosystem.


»Focus on life.
We backup your risks.«

The Keymessage and Brand Promise of the new brand vlot.

We were allowed to accompany the startup from the very first days and were thus able to define the brand strategy in an advisory manner around the business model. The new brand identity - including the brand name - has been designed for the digitally native target group right from the start.

The positive feedback on the brand identity of Startup Pitches in Silicon Valley, Germany, Holland and Switzerland shows that a differentiating brand is a decisive factor for startups.


vlot AG




Brand Identity

Brand Design



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